Recurring dreams and other annoyances

I’m having a bad day today. My mind is whirling and I’m thinking all the thoughts. I have a number of things that I want to do and other things I could do but I’m stuck in a sea of thoughts and lethargy. 

Friends, this is really sucky. My mind is often full of thoughts, it’s how I roll, but when the thoughts start to highlight what isn’t quite working in my life they can get overwhelming. And here I am today. 

I think what has contributed in a major way is a recurring dream I’ve been having over the last few months. I don’t usually give my dreams much thought but if I detect a theme/pattern that keeps playing, I will take a look at what it may mean. I had the dream again last night and looked it up. It was surprisingly accurate, it highlighted an ongoing issue I do have that I’m struggling to find a solution for. Fucking fantastic. 

I expect I will continue this dream for a while as I’m not sure how I can solve the problem right now. I’m not having a pity party, I’m just being realistic. What I shall do is try and figure out how I can at least improve the situation so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. 

But that won’t happen today. So like each day over the last couple of weeks, I will just try and entertain myself so I’m able to get through it. 

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