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I find inspiration for my many creative pursuits anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes nature will inspire me, reading or hearing something may get me pondering life’s big questions or a person will inspire me with their own creativity or journey in life.

One of the inspirations for this blog came by way of my friend’s daughter, Amber. Such a creative soul who can turn her hand to many things with seeming ease, she has a beautiful soul and walks gently on the earth. Amber is on an amazing journey of healing and growth and started a blog to share her story, insights, and positivity with whoever comes across it. I read it and was inspired to start up this blog.

I’ve blogged before over the years but this time it feels more natural and the timing feels right. Perhaps it’s because I’ve finally found the foundation to my being and I’m learning how to navigate life with this new information.

I told her yesterday how much I enjoyed her blog and writing style, and I hoped she’d continue to write in it as I feel she has an important message and gift to share. Today, I received a text from her saying how much she enjoyed this one. It was just what I needed at the perfect time. That moment when you start questioning what you’re doing and losing confidence in yourself. Her message brought a smile to my face, it IS worth my time, energy and focus.

What I create, whether it’s posted on a blog and sharing my thoughts or painting, drawing and the like, it helps ME. That’s super important, we need to nurture and express ourselves. If by chance I inspire someone else or help them in another way, that is AMAZING and in doing so, nurtures my soul.

It’s important that we support others, by lifting them up and helping them be their best, not dragging them down. And while it’s something I always try to do, when I’m feeling low, it’s hard to remember this. To be reminded was just the medicine I needed today.

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