Life Can be Cruel

We all have bills. I get that. We all have unexpected costs that pop up unexpectedly. I get that. I’m not the only person this happens to. I get it!!! Really I do. But at the moment I feel like I can’t catch a break.

We have to move, our lease runs out in a few weeks and the house has been sold and the new owner wants to move in (as is her right). So, we are facing an extra financial burden. To move, we still need to keep paying rent here, plus come up with bond for a new place $1600, two weeks rent in advance $800, removalists $500, bond cleaners $500 at the very least.  Total $3,400 – it’s an approximate but a close approximate. If we wanted to move somewhere cheaper to rent, like interstate, where rent is humane, the removalist (movers) cost would be at the cheapest $3,000. So you can see that’s just not an option right now.

At this same time, I’m trying to get the money together to move, I have my car registration due in a few weeks – $372 for the 6 month option OR $719 for 12 months. Obviously, I have little choice but to take the cheaper option. And then there’s my driver’s licence which needs renewing at the same time. As you can see by the image, it pays to renew it for longer so it’s cheaper but I can’t afford to do that, so I’ll just take the 1 year renewal. FFS!!!!

I just don’t need the extra costs on top of regular bills, living hand to mouth is NOT my idea of fun, I can survive. Add all these other expenses and it gets really fucking hard to manage. But I’m not finished. No, not at all, because today I get to go broke in ONE fucking place!

So, my pension comes in, the rent goes out automatically, bills go out automatically and what’s left is to budget for all the regular fortnightly things, food and pet food, petrol – you know, the general running costs of a person, cat and car.

This fortnight though, things will be different. You see, my cat Samy is at the vet as I type, his anaesthetic wearing off. He had his teeth cleaned and needed extractions. I can pick him up in an hour. And it’s going to cost me $570 + $48 for his prescription food. Cheers, thank you for emptying my fucking bank account. I really appreciate it. You’re so thoughtful.

But seriously FUCK YOU!!!!

The promise I make to all my pets is that they will always have their needs met before mine. Samy will be covered. That’s all that really counts.

But I’m done. It will be a long two weeks.

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