What Goes Up, Must Come Down

I appear to dislike this time of year or this time of year dislikes me. I feel like crud at the moment, my mood has been down for a few days. Today is dad’s birthday, he would have been 77 but he will always remain a young 72. And because of today, I wondered if this is the reason for my low mood and it struck me that I’ve considered this before, around the same time of the year. I’m missing dad, it’s around his birthday – makes sense. Then I discovered on Facebook that the drops in my mood happening around this time of year were happening before dad died and while he was doing okay. I’m scrapping my original theory because now it makes NO sense! None!

Is this just a coincidence that I have lows at this time of the year but if not, what could be the significance of it? I’ve got bugger all idea tbh. I experience low moods at other times of the year but my late April one seems to be the only constant.

I know this year there are a few more things to deal with that normally aren’t an issue but I doubt that would make much difference.

I really don’t want to sit here and moan about it all, most know about the current stress in my life. It would be nice to have a break from it all though and it would be even better to not keep having the mood swings. I’ll just keep trudging along, one foot in front of the other, take each day (hour, minute) as it comes – you know, the usual shit. I just want to mention my low mood so I can look back in a year and remind myself of the unusual yearly timing of it.


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