The Evil That Walks Among Us

One of my interests is in true crime and at times even I struggle to reconcile my traits as an HSP with my fascination with evil throughout the world. INFJs have a macabre and often dark sense of humour but crime is no laughing matter, especially when the subject matter covers rape, torture, and murder.

The crux of my interest lies with the big question – WHY? Like most people, I just can’t come close to understanding why someone would deliberately harm another person or more than one. Naturally, I am full of sympathy for victims of crime. I can empathise with their pain, fear etc. to the best of my ability. But I want to know why.

This interest plays havoc with my HSP side, it’s hard going reading about the despicable things these monsters do, to imagine the hell the victims went through and then to feel so deeply for the family and friends left to pick up their shattered lives.

I’ve been a victim of crime, the first time when I was 4 years old, by far the worst and most damaging thing I’ve been through. You can appreciate it messed up my life in all manner of ways and it’s something I have to continually work through to have any semblance of a normal life. It’s not the only time I was the victim of sexual crimes. But enough of that.

It does help allow me to empathise on some level with other victims of similar crime at least, though I can never truly understand the horror they will live with as we all have different journeys.

Why am I writing about this? Well, a couple of days ago, the news exploded with reports that the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer/Original Night Stalker/Visalia Ransacker was apprehended. His crimes started over 40 years ago and had remained unsolved all this time. Until now.

And this news thrills me so much on a few levels. The most important reason for my excitement about this news is that the victims may be able to sleep a little better at night, they might find some kind of closure to assist in their own healing. Secondly, this piece of shit is finally off the street and whatever the outcome of his trial will be, he will never have his freedom back – one way or another he will die in jail. And of course, it feeds my true crime interest.

Let’s go back to the victims though, they’re the MOST important people in that story. I cannot even begin to imagine what life has been like for them all these years. They were robbed of a normal life the moment this animal crossed paths with them. My heart bleeds for what they’ve lost. He raped over 50 women and murdered over 12 people. I’m sick to my stomach thinking that he has been free all that time AND living in the same area. They may have passed this monster by in their daily routines. How terrifying this all must be for them, living with their memories and fears. And while he’s been free having his life, they’ve lived through hell all these years. Where is the justice in that?

No matter what, he’s never going to get proper justice, he’s now 72 years old, I’m so pissed off that his sentence will be light in comparison to what his victims have lived with. I’m not a fan of capital punishment, I don’t think it’s much of a deterrent and I think it’s an easy way out for the criminal but I think in this case, if he does get the death penalty, I will just turn a blind eye. Whatever the case, it’s still not going to be justice – the bastard has been free too long. I am pleased that they did catch him.

I feel I need to mention his own family too, they’re also his victims. How the hell do they bounce back from this? I imagine shock would be an understatement, I don’t have an inkling of what they must be going through. I just hope that they aren’t subjected to hate from others as can happen with criminal’s families. We need to remember, they wouldn’t have had a clue of this arsehole’s past and the heinous things he did to others. They too are his victims.

This morning I read how they managed to track him down, using not only DNA but genealogy, what a game changer in crime fighting and detection. I know there will be people out there with their “Big Brother is Watching” placards and wondering how this will impact on our civil liberties but I still think this way of solving the crime is a stroke of genius. And for the victims, that’s what counts.

So I’m kind of thrilled with the news of how he was caught and the fact that he is in custody. It’s a good day.

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