And the Move is ON!

Okay. So my mood has improved since the last post. YAY! I had some local therapy of sorts – mum therapy, sister therapy, friend therapy and I have bounced back. Phew!

Good news finally – not that I ever doubted this would happen but the timing was impeccable. A unit is available in the next complex, not the complex we originally thought, but the complex on the other side. The best part is it’s managed by the same guy and he’s an all-round top bloke AND we’re still neighbours with Tanja so it’s mega-easy to visit each other.

*reminds Tanja there is a swimming pool in our complex*

 The timing will be tight as they are doing some quick improvements on the new place BUT we have our backup next door with our lovely friend who can put us up if need be. I feel as though I can breathe again.

The new place is small though, the same amount of bedrooms, but no second living area but we will manage that somehow. It does mean we’re having to get rid of donate a lot of our larger furniture to make room. That’s not so bad, minimalising is always good. The issue is to buy furniture to suit/fit. I’m just going to hit the second-hand places for those things – that may take a couple of weeks once we’ve moved in as we’ll be fairly broke by then.

There are removalists coming this week to take the donations and move my sister’s stuff to a storage unit and then we wait to sign the new lease and work out what’s happening when. The two most important things have been sorted out though, the electricity and internet will be working before we move.  

Packing is pretty much done, the house will start clearing out and then we will be waiting to go. And cleaning the place too. Fun times. At least there is an end in sight and soon we can all relax and perhaps get a reasonable night’s sleep.  Finally some good news!


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