This Happened

So maybe my car isn’t quite like in the photo above, but it’s behaving like it’s dead so the pic can stay! It won’t budge, nobody can start it. It’s been limping along and starting only when it’s in the mood and now it’s given me the big FU and here we are.

I’m hoping it can be saved but I’ll have to see what a mechanic says. If it’s going to cost too much to fix, then it’s going to have to go. So, for now, it’s a nice little ornament in the car park, keep your fingers crossed that it actually can be fixed!

Not great timing, it’s a small car but inside it’s like a bus so I can get a ton of boxes in it, moving would be easy. Mum also has her hospital appointment about her hip finally, so I need to get her to that appointment or we’re looking at $100+ for a return trip in a damn taxi. Why does everything revolve around money?

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