Installation Complete

Hooray, we’re installed in the new house. Overall it went ahead fairly seamless but the timing of everything added a little anxiety to our already stressed, introverted minds. Injuries were plenty, we made bruises a trend – at least in our house – and we were just plain exhausted by the end of it. The timing meant that the first day we could go into the new place was the last day of the old one but we pulled it off with the help of some good people.

It’s another two storey townhouse and while the stairs are better in here, I have still managed to claim the first fall on them. Actually, it was two but the first one wasn’t so bad. My concern is always with mum but I think I need to shift that to myself.

It is a LOT smaller than the old house, and we are slowly getting furniture put in downstairs. For the first few weeks we only had one comfy chair, a tv, and bookcase, now we have a dining setting. YAY!

I’m in the crampiest bedroom with no wardrobe but that’s kind of how I roll, I generally end up in this one for some reason. Perhaps I’m the most adaptable or I just suck it up?

The vibe here is nice, the house feels more inviting for some reason and we have pleasant spaces to sit outside with enough privacy.

Cons: Tanja isn’t over the fence, so we can’t chat like we used to. Instead, there is a woman who sounds like a cockatoo going through a mincer.

Pros: Tanja is only in the complex next door so it’s nice and easy to visit. The cockatoo going through a mincer is moving out in a couple of weeks! *counts the days*

We’re getting there, we’re learning how to live with our elbows tucked in and it’s all fairly novel at the moment. Let’s hope it stays that way for the duration.


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