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Last Friday night while I was trying to sleep, some of the nastiest abdominal cramps hit me, seemingly out of nowhere and continued into the next day. Had I eaten anything that could cause this? No. I did wonder if it was the two beers I’d had the night before but that was ruled out eventually. They continued into Sunday and with no relief in sight, like Miss Polly who was concerned for her sick dolly, I called for the doctor.

Was it appendicitis? That’s what we first thought. No. He thought it may be related to my gallbladder or liver so suggested I head to A&E and get blood tests and an ultrasound. Both were ruled out. Oh here we go again, please find SOMETHING wrong! I’m fed up with them being unable to find the cause of legitimate symptoms. Often they will see things in test results that may point to something but they can’t get to the bottom of these things. So they kept me in! I had a CT scan on my abdominal area but they didn’t come up with anything definitive as often happens, however, the scan picked up something else!

My SI (sacroiliac joint) was inflamed! Obviously, that in itself wasn’t giving me any grief at the time but it was something they suggested I have checked out outside of my stay. I spoke to the doctor about some of the other unexplained things that have shown up previously and she wondered if they may be linked to that joint and its current dysfunction.

As for the abdominal pain, it’s still here after a week, it has lessened in its severity thankfully and I will be having some outpatient appointments with the gastro people to see what’s going on in there. Oh, joy! Fun times ahead.

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