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And on the 50th Day, she made coffee!

Behold!!! Coffee has once again graced my life and I can function as the best introvert I can possibly be! And I am drinking and drinking, and drinking – I can’t get enough. As you see my new little darling on the left is supplying me with my caffeine fix daily, well, perhaps hourly. I haven’t given up on tea, I have tea time during the day and night, and coffees in the middle.

You may wonder how all this caffeine will affect me? Not much tbh, I’m one of those lucky ones who doesn’t end up wired from drinking it all day. I do get an energy boost with each one but it’s not long lasting. I often wonder if it’s due to the fact that I’ve been drinking black tea since I was 5 years old and coffee from my early teens.

Having espresso coffee at my fingertips again is wonderful and I’m definitely making up for lost time. I bought two new travel mugs for the coffee, mostly so I don’t spill it when I knock the table with my clumsy knees. One is just a regular stainless steel travel mug and the bigger one – which is specifically for relaxing days is far more special. Superman is dreamy, even as a comic character he’s still handsome but that’s obviously a conversation to be had with my “shrink” haha.

So there you have it, I’m once again caffeinated. With the coffee, I can do the thinking, and the walking, and the talking, and the creativity efficiently. At least that’s the hope.

Now to try and find a way to add more hours to my day or sleep less.

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