Where the Grass is Greener

Beware! Here be dragons.

The new abode comes with a newly installed, low maintenance garden. Sounds like a grand idea, except for the kitschy pretend grass. It will do though, easy maintenance appeals to my lazy side, even if it is a little on the cheap and cheesy side. What I take exception to is the fact that I need to weed the stuff!!!! WHAT?!?!

It’s only clover sneaking through which isn’t ugly but it worries me what else will find its way here at some point. Clover extracted and as I gazed at the “lawn” I decided it also needed a tidy up. As a seasoned gardener, lawn aficionado, green keeper….okay, as a person who has little interest in gardening and lawn maintenance I had no idea what one does to spruce up the lawn of an artificial nature. Do you sweep it? Vacuum it? I chose the bend over and pick it up method. Oh, how tidy it looks now. Even Teddy thinks so.

So Teddy and I are sitting on our nice, tidy lawn chilling out.


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