• Random

    Inspire Me to Inspire You

    I find inspiration for my many creative pursuits anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes nature will inspire me, reading or hearing something may get me pondering life’s big questions or a person will inspire me with their own creativity or journey in life. One of the inspirations for this blog came by way of my friend’s daughter, Amber. Such a creative soul who can turn her hand to many things with seeming ease, she has a beautiful soul and walks gently on the earth. Amber is on an amazing journey of healing and growth and started a blog to share her story, insights, and positivity with whoever comes across it. I read…

  • Books

    A Most Enjoyable Book by 2nd Witch

    Dear friends, I would like to think that I support my friends in their creative pursuits and passions when I’m able to and today is no different. A cherished friend has released a book on kindle of some of her poems and musings, adding a number of her own photos. I downloaded a copy on my Kindle account, firstly to help support her, but also because I really do enjoy her poems and writing, not to mention her use of words. As expected I very much enjoyed the read. The thing that struck me most was that after each poem, I sat back and reflected on what I’d read. I…

  • HSP

    Adviser or Warrior

    HSPs are estimated to be among 15-20% of the population. Elaine Aron is the one who first coined the term Highly Sensitive Person and has written quite a lot on the subject but she wasn’t the first person to acknowledge this in people. Carl Jung first wrote about this but called it something else. It was something like innate intuitiveness or sensitivity. Search Google and you’ll find it. Better still, read a book. Forgive me, dear reader, this is not a formal or educational blog so you will need to put up with my amazing ability to forget important things. I’m here to share myself.  Elaine Aron describes HSPs as…

  • Random

    Another Orbit Achieved

    Dear friends, it would appear that I’ve orbited the sun again and will celebrate [insert number] years on this planet. The only thing I will share is my cake – enjoy this slice! (If you have food sensitivities, remember, this is the internet….your slice is made to YOUR specifications) And with that, I shall go and enjoy my day, which will probably involve something relatively bland for most of your tastes. I am an INFJ, there is no such thing as bland – it’s all great if it’s what I want to do!  

  • Brushtail Possum

    And Then There Was a Tragedy

    I heard a strange noise outside overnight and at first thought, it sounded like our local bandicoot rummaging around the back garden but my cat was going nuts trying to find the noise. He’s also a good signal that something isn’t right in our immediate vicinity but that usually has something to do with another animal. I came out into the backyard to see what it was and while it sounded a little like the bandicoot, there was something that made me think otherwise. I silently watched and waited. One of our regular nocturnal visitors, a brush-tailed possum was on the ground under the bird of paradise plants. This was…