• Moods

    Recurring dreams and other annoyances

    I’m having a bad day today. My mind is whirling and I’m thinking all the thoughts. I have a number of things that I want to do and other things I could do but I’m stuck in a sea of thoughts and lethargy.  Friends, this is really sucky. My mind is often full of thoughts, it’s how I roll, but when the thoughts start to highlight what isn’t quite working in my life they can get overwhelming. And here I am today.  I think what has contributed in a major way is a recurring dream I’ve been having over the last few months. I don’t usually give my dreams much…

  • Relationships

    INFJ/HSP Sisters

    One of the worst things for an INFJ is not knowing someone else who can really understand you. It can leave you feeling isolated, misunderstood and frustrated. If I remember correctly, it’s said that HSPs are 15-20% of the population, but the figure for INFJs is much lower at 1-2% and not all INFJs are HSPs. I’m extremely lucky that my sister is also both of these as well. I imagine that’s not too common but I’m so grateful that I have someone close who gets me so well. I will be honest though, it’s not always a bed of roses and I’ll get to that shortly. As far back…

  • Introvert

    I’d Rather Eat Broken Glass

    When logged in here, the dashboard shows events or meet-ups for those who blog using WordPress. I had a brief moment of insanity the other day when I thought, “hey, that could be handy, I could learn something.” And then when I thought about it further, I decided it wasn’t something that would be good for me. Not only would I be among a group of people who know each other already, none that I knew personally, I’d have to do that small talk thing. Fuck that! I would rather eat my own eyeball. All the questions:  What do you do? Where do you live? What’s your blog about?  

  • Introvert

    I’ve Found You

    If you haven’t read part one of this story, you can read it here. The next couple of years were spent seeing psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and they all got me moving forwards again. This great work was set back when I found myself in an emotionally abusive relationship that was the stuff of nightmares. I found the courage to escape after a year of mental torture and haven’t looked back. I moved closer to my parents so I could lean on them for emotional support when I needed it and continued to “find myself “. I started to make friends which meant there was occasional socialising and of course…

  • Introvert

    Instant Extrovert – Just Add Alcohol

    For most of my late teens and early adult life, I thought I was an extrovert. Those who knew me back then would probably have thought the same. I was wrong. My doctor thought I had bipolar disorder during these same years. He was wrong. When the reality hit me that I was living a lie and I was in fact, an introvert, my world changed in the most dramatic and slightly wonderful way. So what the hell had I been doing wrong all these years? Instant extrovert, just add alcohol. Ohhh. Ah! In my teens when I started experimenting with various things like alcohol, I found it offered me…